Camp Brian

Brian Camp - Our Inspiration




Our History


Camp Brian is a grass roots effort which was inspired by our friend, Brian Camp, who was diagnosed at age 38 with early onset Parkinson's. Brian’s disease is progressive and like many with Parkinson’s, his ability to earn a living was compromised in the prime of his career while his children were still quite young.

We came to learn that the emotional and financial challenges for early onset patients can be as debilitating as the physical effects of the disease. Our goal is to help Brian and other patients by providing, assistance, resources and financial grants to help ease some of the additional burden these individuals and families face in their journey through Parkinson’s.



Statement of Organizational Status and Mission

Camp Brian Association is a non-profit corporation organized in the State of Washington whose mission is to provide support, resources and financial assistance to individuals and families impacted by early onset Parkinson’s disease.

Camp Brian is registered with the State of Washington Corporations division and the State of Washington Charities Division and the Internal Revenue Service.


State UBI number is: 602 413 550

State Charities Registration Number: 20789

Federal ID # : 20-1176583

Tax Exempt Status: Effective 2010, Camp Brian is a tax exempt organization of Code Section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

SourceS of Funding

All donations and fundraising proceeds go to further the mission of the organization, which is run entirely by volunteers.Funding for our grants comes from donations and our annual fund raising events, the Golf Tournament held in September of each year. We welcome your support in making a contribution, donating your time and talents behind the scenes or by participating in our events. 

If you have further questions regarding our status or would like copies of organizational documents including articles, bylaws and certificate of incorporation please contact Riene Niemcziek at or 425-256-0925.

Thank you for your interest in Camp Brian, we look forward to working with you to improve the quality of life for patients with early onset Parkinson’s.